Ed Stahl

Ed Stahl


How did you get interested in travel?

When I was in high school, my buddy Phil drove right past the entrance to the school. When I pointed it out, he said, “We’re not going to school today. We’re going to Florida.” I called my mother that evening from Virginia to break the news, and she responded, “Have a good time!” I have been traveling the world – and having a good time-- ever since.

Favorite city or country? why?

San Francisco, although before I came to the Bay area it was Munich.

Best or most interesting travel experience

I haven’t had that yet
Ever met anyone famous?

On a flight to Washington, DC last year Orrin Hatch was my seatmate.

Likes: good Samaritans around the world

Loathes: “ugly Americans”

Favorite food: lobster

Favorite restaurant: Old Swiss House in Lucerne; they have the bestwienerschnitzel

Something interesting that people might not guess about you

A place that you could visit over and over again and not get bored? why?

Antarctica: it’s interesting, remote, and you can have fun communing with penguins, whales and other wildlife.

The most unforgettable view you’ve ever seen

Flying in the Concorde to London, where you could actually see the demarcation line between night and day

A place you’ve never visited but really hope to get to

Tasmania – look for an upcoming group trip with Travel Advisors soon!

Travel Cat Gifts

Most tourists and travelers memorialize their travels with pictures. And with the advent of Smart Phones, taking pictures has never been so easy. Who hasn’t returned from a trip or vacation without hundreds of photos? Photos of food, scenery, monuments, people, places and things? And hopefully some photos of themselves enjoying the experience. But then what? We rarely print them out and put them in albums; and if we did, we hardly ever lookin them. But there are options. Really...

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Travel History: Munich Olympics 1972

Posted in Germany

Traveling to the Olympics has always been a favorite of mine. The excitement of seeing the best of the best athletes competing, all together in one place is extraordinary. It is a time of world peace, unity and harmony – but not this time. It was the summer of 1972. Betty and I were in Munich, West Germany. We had just witnessed the phenomenal performance of Mark Spitz who had set world records in all seven of his gold medal...

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