Laurie Cava

Laurie Cava

Travel Advisor

Laurie C.

How did you get interested in travel?

Photography is the reason why I became interested in travel. I traveled to Alaska, Africa, South East Asia and South America to photograph wildlife in their natural habitat.

Favorite city or country? why?

Buenos Aires, South America. It’s truly the Paris of South America. Great cafes, dining, frequent festivals, art, music and of course tango dancing.

Best or most interesting travel experience

Zambia, Botswana and South Africa. The wildlife is amazing, I got great photos, and the people were really nice.

Ever met anyone famous? I met John Denver backstage after his performance at the Oakland Coliseum . We talked in length until his bodyguard separated us. One week later in the mail, I received his autograph on a post card. “Live your life and travel the world”

Likes: Travel, photography, scuba diving, hiking and history.

Loathes:Negative and rude people.

Favorite food: Vegetarian Thai and Italian food

Favorite restaurant: Gino’s in Boise, Idaho

Something interesting that people might not guess about you

I was a professional dive instructor and a financial controller.

A place that you could visit over and over again and not get bored? why? Yosemite Valley, CA. Seasonal changes, waterfalls galore, variety of hiking trails and photo opportunities of wildlife.

Most unforgettable view you’ve ever seen

Torres Del Paine National Park, Patagonia, South America.

A place you’ve never visited but really hope to get to -- Italy

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