Linda Margolin

Linda Margolin

Travel Advisor and Certified Australia/New Zealand expert

How did you get interested in travel?

Always loved Geography and History and had a passion to see the World.

Favorite city or country? why?

Sydney, Australia. Its beauty and upbeat energy, along with its fascinating history, are dear to my heart. Also, my family lives there.

Best or most interesting travel experience

Exploring the Sarawak River in Borneo and staying with the Iban tribe

Ever met anyone famous? Yes, Theodore Bikel. It was so touching his sharing his love of music with me and personally playing for me.

Likes: Traveling, cooking, theatre

Loathes: Long lines, crowds and rude people

Favorite food: any kind of seafood

Favorite restaurant:Doyles - Sydney, Australia

Something interesting that people might not guess about you

I used to be a dancer.

A place that you could visit over and over again and not get bored? why? Australia because of its unique wonders, history, animals and places to discover

The most unforgettable view you’ve ever seen.

Flying via helicopter over Queenstown, New Zealand

A place you’ve never visited but really hope to get to


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