Liz Harwood

Liz Harwood

Travel Advisor

How did you get interested in travel?

I got interested in travel by accompanying my husband around the world, first to US then to West Africa, the Netherlands, Brazil and Greece.

Favorite city or country; why?

I love Europe because of the beauty and the history. My favorite is usually my latest experience.

Best or most interesting travel experience

Driving a Volkswagen over the mountains from Lima to Cuzco seeing llamas on the mountains and local villages competes with cruising on Silversea above the Arctic Circle. Every day we went out on their rubber dinghies to look for polar bears, walruses and beautiful scenery. Waterfalls pouring out of ice cliffs were stunning.

Ever met anyone famous? If so, describe the experience.


Likes: Being out in wilderness watching wildlife.

The feeling of history coming alive in areas still steeped in the past.

Having a great meal with a wonderful view.

Loathes: Crowds of people, overpriced bad food, people who complain about the different customs of the new country they are in.

Favorite food: Anything fresh and tasty.

Favorite restaurant

One of my best memories was eating in Thornbury Castle in the UK. This might have been influenced by sitting and having a drink in front of a roaring fire while studying the menu.

Something interesting that people might not guess about you

I spoke Portuguese.

A trip that you could do/place that you could visit over and over again and not get bored; why?

Sorry, actually I like to do new things! But there are so many places in Europe that I haven’t seen yet. Each little hill town in Italy has its own charm.

The most unforgettable view you’ve ever seen.

Sunset from the balcony of my house on the beach in Sierra Leone. The whole sky would turn a beautiful shade of violet.

A place you’ve never visited but really hope to get to

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