Maun Ferris

Maun Ferris

Travel Advisor

How did you get interested in travel?

My family fled Communist Laos after the Vietnam War, and I have always been grateful for the opportunities I have had thanks to that uprooting. Travel has long been my passion, and I find solace and joy in visiting new areas.

Favorite city or country? why? Cinque Terre, Italy for its stunning scenery, excellent food and friendly people.

Best or most interesting travel experience

Going on safari in Africa where I saw many different, large animals: rhinos, hippos, lions, zebras, giraffes, elephants and many more. Being very close to them was very exciting and the best experience I have ever had.

Ever met anyone famous?

Paul Newman. I waited on him when I lived and worked in Westport, Connecticut.

Likes: Trying international foods, sharing travel tips, helping people prepare for a trip

Loathes: Waiting, people who miss meetings or are always late, food going to waste

Favorite food: Italian/Mediterranean

Favorite restaurant: any French restaurant in Laos – they’re fabulous because of the French influence there

Something interesting that people might not guess about you

I love Brazilian Jujitsu

A place that you could visit over and over again and not get bored? why?

Africa because there’s so much to learn and so many places to explore

The most unforgettable view you’ve ever seen

Eight lions from about 30 feet away, it was both unforgettable and scary

A place you’ve never visited but really hope to get to

Machu Picchu and an Amazon River cruise

Melodies of the Danube

Posted in Danube River, Romania

June 2021 is the perfect time to join Maun on her next Danube River cruise. By then, we hope that travel will be back in business and that the Covid crisis will be a thing of the past - a distant memory. Even so, the travel industry will never be the same. It will be even better! With all the new health, safety and distancing protocols, your travel experience will most likely be safer and more personal!But now is the...

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