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About Awesome Travel Stuff
Most tourists and travelers memorialize their travels with pictures. And with the advent of Smart Phones, taking pictures has never been so easy. Who hasn’t returned from a trip or vacation without hundreds of photos? Photos of food, scenery, monuments, people, places and things? And hopefully some photos of themselves enjoying the experience. But then what? We rarely print them out and put them in albums; and if we did, we hardly ever look
in them. But there are options. Really good options. Really, really, good options.

Gabriella and her husband Russell, owners of Colorful Stitches Embroidery have partnered with Ed Stahl at Travel Advisors to explore those options and make use of your favorite travel photos. What started off as a creative endeavour and hobby has resulted in a thriving custom-designed photo gifts and accessories business. From coasters and placemats to wine totes and glass cheese plates, Gabriella takes your favorite photos and does her magic.

Last year I cruised the Mediterranean with a friend. We had a marvelous time on board the ship and in all the various ports including Venice, Kotor, and Corfu. I was recently invited over for a small (socially distanced) dinner and thought a set of coasters highlighting some of the finest, most picturesque stops would be an original hostess gift. I chose the best photos of her (that’s super important!) in wonderful places. I sent them over to Gabriella who edited and cropped them to perfection and created a unique set of colorful, memorable coasters!

The day after I offered my hostess gift, I received a text.

“Thank you sooooo much for the picture coasters…I love them. Reminds me of our trip and “freedom” to travel.

So even though travel is mostly out of the question at the moment, there is the freedom to look back on previous travels with gratitude, appreciation and fondness for the time we had. This is an opportunity to relive some precious moments and remember them again in a repurposed fashion. You already have the images to create unique photo memorabilia to share, give and use. Whether a wine tote, a cell phone stand, Christmas ornament, placement, puzzle, or coaster, Gabriella will be delighted to help you design and create it all.

It’s never been easier to make your memories come alive, so stop in Travel Advisors, email, text or call (650) 386-6022 and place your custom order now!