Who and why we are

Welcome to our new website and, in case you don’t already know us, welcome to Travel Advisors of Los Gatos. We love travel, and we hope you do too. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler, a would-be globetrotter, or an armchair voyager this website brings the world to you.

Our agency was founded by Ed Stahl, a man with a passion for travel and a vision of sharing that passion with others.

Ed Stahl has always loved to travel. His interest in travel was first sparked when, as a second grader, he colored a map of Tasmania. He thought of visiting such a faraway place, of how different it would be, and he longed for adventure.

Ed started seriously traveling as the driver on a cross-country road trip with his family in 1948, traveling throughout the U.S. and Mexico and putting more than 18,000 miles on their new Chrysler.

After Army service with fellow engineer Brad Honholt, he landed a California job with Shell Oil. Honholt moved to California shortly after, and the two –seeing promotions which would relocate them elsewhere—left their jobs and bought a travel agency in Los Gatos. A couple of years later, Ed and his wife Betty bought the Honholts’ share of Travel Advisors.

Ed (and all members of the Travel Advisors team) has traveled extensively, logging millions of air miles with numerous trips around the world. As he explained to a lifestyle magazine describing his adventures in Antarctica, “Traveling, you become an explorer. You realize you’re seeing things that few other humans have seen. The grandeur, the history, the mystery of it; that’s why we travel. We wonder what’s on the other side of the horizon.”

More than fifty-six years on, much about travel has changed, of course, but Travel Advisors is still a friendly group of knowledgeable travel experts. We are real live people who have been to the places you’d like to visit, and can offer excellent advice on what to do and see there.

Meanwhile in our blogspace, we will revisit some of Ed’s many memorable trips. “Travels from Afar” will provide a personal look at Ed’s travels, exotic and remote locations, historic events such as the Olympic Games and adventures most people have only dreamt about.

Travel Advisors wants to help you make your travel dreams come true!

We will also follow more recent travel adventures. Jacqueline Travels will share general blogs on diverse destinations, interviews with Travel Advisors’ experts, and occasional “Bites,” food and restaurant reviews.

Stay tuned for more Besttrip TV and hot travel tips from Travel Advisors.

Even better, call Travel Advisors today to start your own travel adventure!